Without exception the products made by Blue Workx are fitted to the customer’s needs. A good team prepares and executes the manufacturing in Venlo, the Netherlands. For assembly at the customer Blue Workx provides a fully equipped assembly van. Every design made of (stainless) steel or aluminium can be discussed.

Inside loader pallets

The ‘inside loader pallets’ of Blue Workx are just an example of the expert transport solutions the company offers. The ‘inside loader pallet’ is a solution for the transport of prefab concrete walls. The walls will be transported upright, using the maximum load weight of the truck. The pallets can be unloaded at the building site without a crane, saving time and crane hours. It makes the logistics around prefab concrete a lot easier. The pallets have been developed in cooperation with Driessen Special Transport.

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Drivers area

Distribution centres are always sensitive to security. The ‘drivers area’ by Blue Workx ensures that drivers can wait inside without obtaining access to the rest of the building. This way security can be more lenient, whereas the risks of forklift movements and theft of goods will remain controllable. In the series of logistic solutions Blue Workx can supply a range of products, such as swing gates, collision prevention and separations. Please contact us for more possibilities.

Sloping stand

With the sloping stand by Blue Workx large, heavy elements can be transported with ease. It is the ideal transport method for concrete elements, large steel plates and heavy doors. The sloping stand will be manufactured in a size fitting your specific transport need.


Blue Workx manufactures all kinds of steel stairs. Whether conventional stairs, emergency exits or luxury stairs with stainless steel finishing of the handrails, Blue Workx supplies craftsmanship.

Leaf baskets

Blue Workx designed two types of ‘leaf baskets’ efficient for transport and use. The baskets have been used by different municipalities for years. The baskets will be delivered with transport stands to make distribution easier. They consist of loose parts that can be assembled into baskets. In some municipalities Blue Workx also arranges distribution and collection of the baskets.


In collaboration with the customer Blue Workx manufactures specials, such as aluminium feet for glass, brackets for the packaging industry, machine parts or transport stands. Blue Workx translates the customers’ drawings into physical products with the right specifications. And if no technical drawings are available, Blue Workx will draw the components themselves.

“Thanks to our longstanding experience in the transport industry we deliver solutions that really make a difference. Our ‘inside loader pallets’ are popular because crane and transport hours will be saved.”


Ep Kompagne, Sales manager Blue Workx