Without exception the products made by Blue Workx are fitted to the customer’s needs. A good team prepares and executes the manufacturing in Venlo, the Netherlands. For assembly at the customer Blue Workx provides a fully equipped assembly van. Every design made of (stainless) steel or aluminium can be discussed.

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The inloaderflats of Blue Workx are just an example of the expert transport solutions the company offers. The nloaderflat is a solution for the transport of prefab concrete walls. The walls will be transported upright, using the maximum load weight of the truck. The flats can be unloaded at the building site without a crane, saving time and crane hours. It makes the logistics around prefab concrete a lot easier.

drop-off pallet

The drop-off pallet can be picked up in one go by the truck and deposited at the construction site without external help. This pallet is available in different variants and designs. For example, Blue Workx also develops and produces a pallet that can be placed on and off the trailer with a side-loader. This loading and unloading method also makes it possible to load and unload at any desired location without external help from cranes. Transferring between trailers is also an option. These aspects of flexibility save time and costs. The pallet is also equipped with, among other things, insertion positions for heads, stanchions and fork-lift truck spoons. Blue Workx supplies these pallets under the guidelines for lifting frames.

Internal transport inloaders

The inloader is used for the internal transport of inloader pallets. This inloader makes it easy to move the inloader pallets and prepare them for transport to the customer. Furthermore, the shunting inloader is produced according to the wishes of the customer. This can include stamps for concrete elements, your own hydraulic pump. There are various options for coupling the towing vehicle, such as a gooseneck with kingpin.

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Lifting equipment

Blue Workx develops and produces various lifting equipment. The resources are used in various sectors for lifting various products. Blue Workx supplies these resources completely under the guidelines for lifting equipment.

Tilting tables

A tilting table with formwork table is intended to produce 1-sided concrete walls. To be able to remove formwork from these concrete walls very easily and without fractures, the walls must first be tilted vertically after curing. This vertical tilting is done by means of these tilting tables. After vertical tilting, the concrete wall can be removed.

Drivers area

Distribution centres are always sensitive to security. The ‘drivers area’ by Blue Workx ensures that drivers can wait inside without obtaining access to the rest of the building. This way security can be more lenient, whereas the risks of forklift movements and theft of goods will remain controllable. In the series of logistic solutions Blue Workx can supply a range of products, such as swing gates, collision prevention and separations. Please contact us for more possibilities.

Sloping stand

With the sloping stand by Blue Workx large, heavy elements can be transported with ease. It is the ideal transport method for concrete elements, large steel plates and heavy doors. The sloping stand will be manufactured in a size fitting your specific transport need.

Drop-off pallet A-Frame

This Drop-off pallet is a variant of the standard Drop-off pallet pallet. In these versions, a flat floor with a headboard is not used, but the elements are placed at an angle against the superstructure.

Spindle frame

Blue Workx has designed a spindle frame for the transport of extremely long walls and/or prestressed beams. It is available in various types and weights. By using a spindle frame, walls of 14 x 3 m can be transported on a mega trailer without any problems. Compared to a pull-out inloader, the empty weight will then be ± 8 tons less. In practice, this often means an extra element (two instead of one) per load.


Hydraulic lifting tools

Blue Workx develops and produces a hydraulic lifting tools that makes the handling of inloader pallets a simple job. The driver operates the lifting tool from his cab. The lifting tool can be designed for any type of forklift truck.

Side-Loader pallets

The pallets can be put on and off the trailer with a Side-loader. This loading and unloading method allows for loading and unloading at any location without external assistance from cranes. Transhipment between semi-trailers is also a possibility. These aspects of flexibility save time and costs. The pallets are also equipped with, among other things, insertion positions for end boards, stanchions and forklift forks. Blue Workx supplies these pallets under the guidelines of lifting frames.


Blue Workx manufactures all kinds of steel stairs. Whether conventional stairs, emergency exits or luxury stairs with stainless steel finishing of the handrails, Blue Workx supplies craftsmanship.

Removable storage frames

The basic module is 6 meters long, but can be expanded with intermediate modules to any desired length of the storage trestle. The module is also ideal for use as intermediate storage on a construction site:
no less than 48 walls of 20 cm thick can be placed in one module of 6 meters in length. A walkway has been created in the longitudinal direction of the storage trestle. Here the employees can stand in an ergonomic and safe manner to be able to place and secure the elements.


These A-frames can be placed on a mega trailer for and transport of walls.

Spindle frames on Fifth-wheel couplings

This type of spindle frame is equipped with a kingpin for mounting towards a fifth wheel. The applications are similar to the standard spindle frame.

Lifting frames

Blue Workx develops and produces various lifting frames. The frames are used in various sectors for the transport of often heavy products. Blue Workx supplies these frames completely under the guidelines for lifting frames.

V-Frame loader

Deadweight ± 4 tonnes lighter than the alternative: the inloader. In addition, the ingenious design achieved optimal axle loads for both 4x2 tractor heads and 6x2 tractor heads. Due to the indivisibility of the concrete walls, this often means 3 instead of 2 walls per load or 2 instead of 1 wall.

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In collaboration with the customer Blue Workx manufactures specials, such as aluminium feet for glass, brackets for the packaging industry, machine parts or transport stands. Blue Workx translates the customers’ drawings into physical products with the right specifications. And if no technical drawings are available, Blue Workx will draw the components themselves.

“Thanks to our longstanding experience in the transport industry we deliver solutions that really make a difference. Our ‘inside loader pallets’ are popular because crane and transport hours will be saved.”


Ep Kompagne, Sales manager Blue Workx