All (stainless) steel and aluminium products are manufactured by Blue Workx from A to Z. Metalworking from drawing to production, from conservation to assembly, Blue Workx provides craftsmanship.

An extended welding robot is available for large or small serially produced welding. The addition of other materials than metal to the product (e.g. wood or plastics) is an option as well. Everything is tailor-made for the customer.

Below you can read about our possibilities or pose your specific question via the contact form. Please contact us to discuss the opportunities for your company.

Turnkey supply

Blue Workx arranges turnkey delivery of projects. Activities not available in-house will be executed by partners with whom Blue Workx has a longstanding relationship. From drawing to production, from coating in every available colour to assembly, Blue Workx aligns all activities and delivers the end products in time at the customers’ locations.

Extra Extended Welding Robot

Blue Workx is equipped with an extra extended welding robot with which large and small parts can be welded in large and small series. It is a solution for serial production of components or steel plates. The supporting two manipulators, controlled by a computer system, ensure that the welding will be executed as precision work.


Turning, milling and punching, all is possible at Blue Workx. Just like metallurgy of plates, such as cutting and converting. Additionally, it is possible to combine steel with other materials. Wooden panels in a steel frame or combinations of steel with plastic, these are all options. Blue Workx forms the right partnerships to execute a turnkey project.

Stainless Steel / Aluminium

Blue Workx is equipped with a separate department for stainless steel and aluminium in order to prevent steel dust and corrosion. Every possible process with stainless steel or aluminium can be handled. Blue Workx gladly advises the customer about replacement of steel components by aluminium alternatives. Everything is possible, from industrial applications to design.

“For every project we first determine if we can execute all processes in-house. If that is not the case we will delegate certain parts of the project to reliable partners. But we keep the final responsibility; the customer relies on our craftsmanship to finish a project to satisfaction.”


Rico Schinck, Managing Director, Blue Workx

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