All (stainless) steel and aluminium products are manufactured by Blue Workx from A to Z. From drawing to production, from conservation to assembly, Blue Workx provides craftsmanship. An extended welding robot is available for large or small serially produced welding. The addition of other materials than metal to the product (e.g. wood or plastics) is an option as well. Everything is tailor-made for the customer.

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Blue Workx manufactures products that fit into many industries. The ‘inside loader pallet’ for example is an efficient transport solution for prefab concrete walls. The ‘drivers area’ guarantees safety in a distribution centre. All products are tailor-made for a specific industry.

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Blue Workx

Speed and flexibility, more than 25 years of craftsmanship in metalworking and adding value to its customers’ products, that is Blue Workx. When complex projects come up, Blue Workx requests the expertise of sister company Blue Engineering, which specialises in all forms of engineering. This way every requirement of the customer, from relatively simple to very complicated, finds a solution.

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“Customers’ requirements vary. Because the longstanding cooperation within our team and the fact that we understand our customers’ business, we only need a clue to provide our customers with solutions they had not thought about before.”


Rico Schinck, Branch Manager Blue Workx